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Using Reddit to meet people comes with some benefits over online dating platforms, but there are still some things to account for. For example, it is possible to meet like-minded local partners like on InstantHookups; however, your safety is not guaranteed, nor is it possible to know for sure who you’re chatting with. While many people report positive hookup experiences after meeting other singles via Reddit, some frightening stories can be found, too. Thus, it’s a good idea to keep yourself safe and take precautions when meeting people face-to-face for the first time.

Indeed, Reddit has a myriad of different subreddits. With endless possibilities where you may end up, it can be a challenge to find one filled with personals of people looking for some company. Luckily, you no longer need to go through millions of Reddit pages to find what you want. If you’re about to start your next sexual conquest, we offer the list of 5 top subreddits for hookups and casual sex. There, all you have to do is mention your age, gender, and location, which should be enough to kickstart your online adventures.


Dirtyr4r is one of the most popular Reddit communities for finding hookups. The userbase spans across all age ranges, with thousands of members browsing the subreddit at all times. This place is popular with horny singles all over the world, and nearly 140,000 people can often be seen here. Dirtyr4r is one of the best places to explore almost all kinks, with a wide array of welcoming people enjoying them. In order to find local singles over Reddit, you need to tag your location in your post and wait for someone in your area to discover it.


NaughtyFromNeglect — another leading subreddit for hookups and a great place to find local partners — now boasts over 76,400 members, each of them looking for something different. Although the pinned Reddit post says “not an r4r sub”, users still post their personal ads. People here are looking for friendship, short-term relationships, and casual encounters, and all kinds of singles can be encountered. Similar to Dirtyr4r, this subreddit has many international members, mainly in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Also, there are Reddit users of many age groups, the oldest of them being in their sixties.


For a more tailored Reddit experience, you can search for hookup ads in your local area and see if a corresponding subreddit has been created yet. Most platforms, including this one, provide dedicated places to find local people looking for sex in one’s hometown, in the nearest city, or a different region or country. It should be noted that some local Reddit dating communities (for example, r/Milwaukeer4r) tend to get removed due to being unmoderated, and one may need to look elsewhere. Overall, such subreddits have postings where users are open-minded, proactive, and not afraid of stating their desires clearly.


If you’d like to find matching mouths and members on Reddit, RandomActsOfBlowjob is one of the best subreddits to arrange hookups. Nearly everyone here is looking for quick sexual relations, and thousands of worldwide ads are posted every day. There are all sorts of sexual experiences available for Reddit users — from straight, gay, singles, swingers, and others. Naturally, it’s easy to relate to the group and find relevant posts quickly.

Mostly men browse this subreddit to look for ladies who give blowjobs. However, some women also post ads to seek males to take care of them behind closed doors. The user count currently stands at over 450,000 Reddit users.


RandomActsOfMuffDive is one of the largest subreddits for hookups that allows its users to meet like-minded local singles. Currently, the place has over 238,000 Reddit singles, with an even split between people posting personal ads and those replying to them. RandomActsOfMuffDive is mainly a straight sex environment, and it’s easy to find local Reddit users in big global cities using the search group filters. Users post fairly detailed descriptions of what they’re looking for, giving everyone the chance to find sexual connections quickly. All user accounts must be at least 7 days old before first posting in the subreddit.

Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Hookups on Reddit

Finding casual romance on Reddit is easy when you know where to look. Numerous people found on this platform are open to meeting for casual sex in your area every day. Now that you know the best 5 subreddits, it’s time to get to business and find some local hookups.

Depending on the subreddit you choose, your search time and results may vary. Consider choosing the community based on how many users in your area can be encountered. For instance, such Reddit communities as Dirtyr4r make it challenging to meet people nearby, which may not suit everyone.

When making a post on a subreddit, you need to remember to add everything you’re looking for in your hookup partner. Fortunately, finding men and women with shared kinks is quicker and easier than you think. Feel free to make a post with your age, sex, and location so that people nearby can see it and contact you for further inquiries. Also, Reddit allows you to make detailed posts in the NSFW category, permitting you to state explicitly what you really want.

Some Reddit users prefer browsing subreddits and interacting with posts they relate to rather than posting ads, with many of them taking things to private messages. Should you fancy the latter option, it’s very easy to share personal information and chat away from public view.

People often arrange hookups on Reddit since it’s extremely simple and costs nothing. Unlike some of the best dating sites, subreddit communities feel more united. If you’re after sex without even leaving the house, this place is for you.

How to Stay Safe and Enjoy a Casual Sex Subreddit

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Meeting people on Reddit may pose some risks to your safety, especially if you don’t keep some important things in mind. Quite often, there’s a danger of subreddit users creating fake accounts and trying to deceive you, which puts you at risk of entering a dangerous situation. Here are the things you can do to stay safe when meeting people on Reddit for sex.

  • Tell a friend or family member about your planned whereabouts
  • By informing someone close where you’ll be meeting someone from Reddit, you’re ensuring your safety. This way, someone can come along and keep tabs on you from a distance, or they will know the place you were last seen if something goes wrong.

  • Enable tracking on your phone when meeting other singles
  • Allow someone you trust to keep tabs on your location. Sometimes, this trick can be life-changing, and you’re certain never to be abducted and held against your will.

  • Meet people in public
  • Always meet new sexual partners from Reddit in public since there’ll be plenty of people around if anything goes wrong. Also, police officers tend to roam the streets, which adds another layer of safety.

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Finding Hookups on Popular Subreddits Is Simple

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Reddit is one of the most popular services on the Internet, with millions of users logging in and browsing it daily. When it comes to using the platform to find hookup partners, subreddits offer a wide variety of people to chat with.

Even though competition to meet partners via Reddit is high, everyone has high chances of arranging hookups. Many niche subreddits are becoming increasingly popular, with many of them seeing a hike in user count. All you’ve got to do to find casual sex when you want it is choose a suitable place on Reddit and frequent it.

Most people will find it easy to use Reddit to find their kind of encounter, be it a one-time stand or friendship with benefits. The service has great search options, allowing you to post and browse suitable personal ads. Feel free to find the singles you want and end your boredom streak with friendly and daring subreddit communities. Countless users are looking for relationships with no strings attached; arrange your perfect hookup via Reddit today!

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